Workshops and Classes

As part of AGM’s commitment to building up and refining the essentials skills needed for a successful fund development program, AGM offers a number of workshops throughout the year on various topics and for different experience levels.

Skillbuilding Workshops

For new staff, new fundraisers, or those looking to refresh their skills

Introduction to Grants Research
Overview of the general types of fundraising that organizations utilize to build up support for their organization, as well as providing the basic skills needed to effectively research and prospect for potential grant making institutions.

Core Workshops

For new or early career fundraisers, or those looking to build a strong foundation of fundraising skills.

Introduction to Grant Writing
Covers the basic structure and format of grant proposals, including both full proposals and letters of intent. This includes guidelines for grant research, elements of a successful proposal, tips & best practices, and some resources to get you started on the process.

Introduction to Individual Donor Cultivation
Covers the basics of cultivating and stewarding individual donors. This includes prospecting potential donors, determining motivation and interests for giving, tips for building a successful philanthropic partnerships, and best practices & resources for success.

Introduction to Outcomes Measurement
Covers the basics of developing and implementing outcomes measurements processes within your organization. This includes distinguishing outcomes versus outputs, determining reliable indicators of success, tips for effective outcome collection, linking outcomes to every day work, and best practices & resources for continued success.

Breakthrough Workshops

For experienced or intermediate fundraisers, those with demostrated fundraising success, or those looking to take the next step in advancing their fundraising acumen

Advanced Proposal Writing
This workshop will explore opportunities to deepen the support from grant making institutions, and allows for in-depth discussion with other successful grant writers, including opportunities for practical skill building.

Advanced Donor Cultivation
This workshop will explore opportunities to learn from other successful individual fundraisers, including lots of practical and hands-on opportunities to test out strategies.

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